jmp instruction .

JMP instruction

(gdb) disass
Dump of assembler code for function __kernel_vsyscall:
   0xb77bd414 :	push   %ecx
   0xb77bd415 :	push   %edx
   0xb77bd416 :	push   %ebp
   0xb77bd417 :	mov    %esp,%ebp
   0xb77bd419 :	sysenter
   0xb77bd41b :	nop
   0xb77bd41c :	nop
   0xb77bd41d :	nop
   0xb77bd41e :	nop
   0xb77bd41f :	nop
   0xb77bd420 :	nop
   0xb77bd421 :	nop
   0xb77bd422 :	jmp    0xb77bd417 
=> 0xb77bd424 :	pop    %ebp
   0xb77bd425 :	pop    %edx
   0xb77bd426 :	pop    %ecx
   0xb77bd427 :	ret
End of assembler dump.

jmp 0xb77bd417

Process Involved

A "ping" to a website .


A jmp instruction unconditionally jumps to a specific memory location.

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