negate instruction NEG

GDB shows “neg” instruction

  or     $0xffffffffffffffff,%eax
  jmp    0x7f94f7fce0d0 
  mov    0x296e5f(%rip),%rax        # 0x7f94f8264f98
  neg    %edx
  mov    %edx,%fs:(%rax)
  or     $0xffffffffffffffff,%eax
  jmp    0x7f94f7fce10f 
End of assembler dump.

0x00007f94f7fce139 : neg %edx

Process Involved

software : gnome-panel.
The launcher and docking facility for GNOME


The neg (negate) instruction takes the two's complement of a byte or
word. It takes a single (destination) operation and negates it. The
syntax for this instruction is
		neg	dest

It computes the following:
		dest := 0 - dest


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