tasksel – a user interface for installing tasks

Debian Command

$tasksel --list-tasks
u desktop	Debian desktop environment
u web-server	Web server
u print-server	Print server
u database-server	SQL database
u dns-server	DNS Server
u file-server	File server
u mail-server	Mail server
u ssh-server	SSH server
u laptop	Laptop
u manual	manual package selection
$tasksel --task-packages
Option task-packages requires an argument
tasksel install 
tasksel remove 
tasksel [options]
	-t, --test          test mode; don't really do anything
	    --new-install   automatically install some tasks
	    --list-tasks    list tasks that would be displayed and exit
	    --task-packages list available packages in a task
	    --task-desc     returns the description of a task
$tasksel --task-packages ssh-server

Debian Explanation

tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select ones
to install

computer science Theory Drop

A  task is  an execution  path through  address space.[1]  In other
words, a set of program instructions that are loaded in memory. The
address registers have been loaded  with the initial address of the
program. At the next clock  cycle, the CPU will start execution, in
accord with the program. The sense  is that some part of 'a plan is
being accomplished'. As long as the program remains in this part of
the   address  space,   the  task   can  continue,   in  principle,
indefinitely, unless the program instructions contain a halt, exit,
or return.

source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Task_(computing)

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