Hacking with an algorithm to reverse an integer

Sign detection [1] 
Power of two [2] 
Counting No. of bits set [3] 
Set or clear bits without branching[4] 
Find maximum value[5] 
Finding least common multiple[6] 
Finding the greatest commom divisor[7] 
Finding if a number is an Armstrong number or not[8] 
Finding if a given number is prime number[9]  
Finding the number of twin prime numbers[10] 
Finding if a number is palindrome or not[11] 
Finding prime factor of a number[12] 
Finding the value of M^N[13] 
Finding factorial of a number[14] 
Finding the sum of the series 1! + 2! +...+N! [15] 
Finding the sume of the series 1 + 2 +...+N [16] 
Finding Parity of an Integer [17] 
Finding the biggest among three numbers [18] 
Finding the sum of even and odd numbers up to a number N [19] 
Finding the sum and number of integers divisible by 5 [20] 
Swapping Values [21] 
Finding the decimal value for a binary [22] 
Finding the reverse of an integer [23] 
Enter the number 
Given number = 9223372036854775807 
It's reverse = 7085774586302733229 

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