Fundamentals related to bash builtin command named “shift”

ABOUT shift

shift [n]

The  positional  parameters  from  n+1  ...  are renamed to $1 ....  Parameters represented by the
numbers $# down to $#-n+1 are unset.  n must be a non-negative number less than or equal to $#.  If n is
0, no parameters  are  changed. If  n  is not given, it is assumed to be 1.  If n is greater than $#, the
positional parameters are not changed.  The return status is greater than zero if n is greater than $# or
less than zero; otherwise 0.

$cat posiwork
echo $1
$./posiwork hello world
$./posiwork hello

$./posiwork hello world people
$emacs posiwork
$cat posiwork
shift 2
echo $1
$./posiwork hello world people


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