BW Developer’s Corner


Content Organization and Architecture

Learning Model I
1. A UNIX Command
2. UNIX explanation
3. Related Source Code Exposition
4. Source Code Highlight
5. Featured Image.
6. Related Knowledge.

Learning Model II

1. A UNIX Command
2. UNIX Explanation

Learning Model III

1. A UNIX Command
2. Explanation from Multiple Unices.

Learning Model IV

1. A UNIX Program
2. Tinkering With The Program
3. Develop/Learn Theories From It.

Learning Model V

1. A UNIX Parameter.
2. Parameter Definition.
3. Parameter Code Internals.
4. Related From Research Paper.

Learning Model VI

1. Find/Encounter a UNIX Problem
2. A Software Hack.

SYmmel Kernel Development

SYmmel Project Page

Debian Research

In order of Priority

+ Building knowledge from data of open source software.
– Knowledge Search and Organization.
– Develop Software for KSAO

+ Integrating data from multiple open sources.

trueangle. open source music

+ Learning Music using open source technology and methods.
Music files here are only for not to profit academic use.

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