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  • code optimizer

    code optimization optimization is the strategy of examining intermediate code as produced by or during the code generation phase with the aim of producing code that runs very efficiently.Production of code that use very little space has also been a goal of some optimizers; nevertheless, the main emphasis has traditionally been and will be in…

  • intermediate code generation

    Intermediate Code Generation Because of the complexity of code generation, a compiler typically breaks up this phase into several steps,involving various intermediate data structures, often including some form of abstract code called intermediate code. Reference/Source : Compiler Construction: Principles and Practice Kenneth C Louden

  • phases of a compiler

    Phases Of a Compiler 1. Lexical Analyzer. 2. Syntax Analyzer. 3. Semantic Analyzer. 4. Intermediate Code Generator. 5. Code Optimizer. 6. Code Generator. Reference/Source: http://www.personal.kent.edu/~rmuhamma/Compilers/MyCompiler/phase.htm

  • square root = %f

    /* Jeffrin Jose <jeffrin@rocketmail.com> Licensed GPL v3 Copyright 2010 GPL –> http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html */ #include<stdio.h> main() { float x,y; printf(“\n Input an Integer :” ); scanf(“%f”,&x); y=sqrt (x); printf(” square root = %f”,y); getch(); }

  • test instruction +

    | GDB shows TEST instruction | Dump of assembler code for function *__GI___poll: 0x00007f73ec2120b0 : sub $0x28,%rsp 0x00007f73ec2120b4 : mov 0x29c52e(%rip),%eax # 0x7f73ec4ae5e8 0x00007f73ec2120ba : test %eax,%eax 0x00007f73ec2120bc : jne 0x7f73ec2120d5 0x00007f73ec2120be : movslq %edx,%rdx 0x00007f73ec2120c1 : mov $0x7,%eax 0x00007f73ec2120c6 : syscall 0x00007f73ec2120c8 : cmp $0xfffffffffffff000,%rax 0x00007f73ec2120ce : ja 0x7f73ec212121 0x00007f73ec2120d0 : add $0x28,%rsp 0x00007f73ec2120d4…