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  • Hacking with listing local system locks

    ABOUT lslocks lslocks lists information about all the currently held file locks in a Linux system. File locking is a mechanism that restricts access to a computer file by allowing only one user or process access at any specific time. Systems implement locking to prevent the classic interceding update scenario (see race condition). [bash] $lslocks […]

  • Working With Files II


  • Working With Files I


  • Bash Shell command : file

    this tutorial content may not be accurate

  • GNU/Linux Terminal – File Permissions! (Chmod, Chown and Chgrp)

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  • file — determine file type

    commandline session $ls faq favicon.ico index.html kernel.css mirrors pub robots.txt $file kernel.css kernel.css: ASCII text $file -l | head Set 0: Binary patterns: Text patterns: Set 1: Binary patterns: Text patterns: Set 0: Binary patterns: Strength = 340 : sc68 Atari ST music [] Strength = 340 : T64 tape Image [] $file -l | […]

  • mkfifo command.

    $ls -l jeffrin ls: cannot access jeffrin: No such file or directory $mkfifo jeffrin $ls -l jeffrin prw-r–r– 1 jeffrin jeffrin 0 Oct 12 00:02 jeffrin $ $ls -d > jeffrin “another terminal” $cat < jeffrin . $ A “FIFO” is a special file type that permits independent processes to communicate. One process opens the […]

  • base64 encoding

    $file a.out a.out: ELF 64-bit LSB executable, x86-64, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.18, not stripped $base64 a.out > ascii.txt $tail -n 5 -f ascii.txt X19lcnJub19sb2NhdGlvbkBAR0xJQkNfMi4yLjUAX19ic3Nfc3RhcnQAX19nY292X3dyaXRlX3N1 bW1hcnkAX19nY292X3JlYWRfY291bnRlcgBzdHJjcHlAQEdMSUJDXzIuMi41AF9lbmQAZmNsb3Nl QEBHTElCQ18yLjIuNQBzdGRlcnJAQEdMSUJDXzIuMi41AGFjY2Vzc0BAR0xJQkNfMi4yLjUAZndy aXRlQEBHTElCQ18yLjIuNQBfZWRhdGEAZnByaW50ZkBAR0xJQkNfMi4yLjUAZmNudGxAQEdMSUJD XzIuMi41AG9wZW5AQEdMSUJDXzIuMi41AG1rZGlyQEBHTElCQ18yLjIuNQBtYWluAF9pbml0AA== ^C $tail -n 5 -f a.out @ @ @. @> @N @^ @n That was a peice from a.out may […]