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  • SUB – Subtract

    | SUB instruction | (gdb) disass Dump of assembler code for function *__GI___poll: 0x00007fc50ab670b0 : sub $0x28,%rsp 0x00007fc50ab670b4 : mov 0x29c52e(%rip),%eax # 0x7fc50ae035e8 0x00007fc50ab670ba : test %eax,%eax 0x00007fc50ab670bc : jne 0x7fc50ab670d5 0x00007fc50ab670be : movslq %edx,%rdx 0x00007fc50ab670c1 : mov $0x7,%eax 0x00007fc50ab670c6 : syscall => 0x00007fc50ab670c8 : cmp $0xfffffffffffff000,%rax 0x00007fc50ab670ce : ja 0x7fc50ab67121 0x00007fc50ab670d0 : add $0x28,%rsp […]

  • eip in 32-bit mode,, and rip in 64-bit mode

    software | Windows | The instruction pointer is called ip in 16-bit mode, eip in 32-bit mode,, and rip in 64-bit mode. The instruction pointer register points to the memory address which the processor will next attempt to execute; it cannot be directly accessed in 16-bit or 32-bit mode, but a sequence like the following […]

  • inferior’s auxiliary vector…

    (gdb) info auxv 33 AT_SYSINFO_EHDR System-supplied DSO’s ELF header 0x7fff7a9ff000 16 AT_HWCAP Machine-dependent CPU capability hints 0x78bfbff 6 AT_PAGESZ System page size 4096 17 AT_CLKTCK Frequency of times() 100 3 AT_PHDR Program headers for program 0x400040 4 AT_PHENT Size of program header entry 56 5 AT_PHNUM Number of program headers 8 7 AT_BASE Base address […]